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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reasons why property in Malaysia is a good investment..

Reasons why :

  • Government legislation is actively encouraging foreign property investment through a number of tax incentives and the relaxation of laws governing real estate purchase by foreigners.
  • Through its Ninth Plan, the government of Malaysia aims to improve the infrastructure and general economic development of the country. Analysts believe this will have a positive impact on the Malaysian real estate market.
  • Malaysia boasts a stable economy and government. It already has a world-class infrastructure, industry and support, along with a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle.
  • English is widely spoken by a multi-lingual, experienced and qualified workforce.
  • The value of the local currency, the ringgit, is far below the euro, dollar and pound sterling, allowing foreign investors to buy a lot more for their money in Malaysia.
  • Property prices per square metre in all major Malaysian towns and cities are a fraction of the cost of similar investments in London and New York.
  • There is high demand for quality new real estate is high from an affluent expatriate market.
  • Malaysia is also among the top three countries for the greatest number of tourist arrivals among the 53 Commonwealth countries, according to the World Tourism Organisation.
  • Tourist arrivals in Malaysia rose by more than 160% between 2000 and 2005 - an astonishing achievement for tourism.
  • Malaysia is located near the Equator, hence its year-round tropical climate, ideal for tourism.
  • Malaysia does not suffer from any natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes or tornados.
  • Extensive white sandy beaches continue to draw holidaymakers. Port Dickson resorts which have long been a favourite amongst visitors from Kuala Lumpur and other neighbouring towns who seek an escape from hectic life.
  • Buying costs are very low in Malaysia at between 3.4 to 6.75% of the property value, including 2.75% agent’s commission (for first MYR 500,000).